Copyright of art images, usage, and printing rights belong to the artist,
J. Price Wiesman.

Shillings (Old Restaurant - Marietta, GA.)
Item: XL-1 (A)

Antique Shop (Smyrna, GA.)
Item: XL-2 (A)

St. Jude's Thrift Shop (Smyrna, GA.)
Item: XL-4 (A)

Nativity (Smyrna Hospital - Smyrna, GA.)
Item: XL-5

Southern Rhetoric
Item: XS-1 (A)

My Doll Collection
Item: XS-2 (A)

Glen's Toys (Pharmacy)
Item: XS-3 (A)

Fruit Bright
Item: XS-4

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Unless noted otherwise - image size is approx. 10 x 14 (mats to 16 x 20), with limited run of 1000, & sold unmatted. Retail Price is $20.00.
(A) = Original painting was acrylic   (L) = Lithograph Print

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