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The artist, J. Price Wiesman on Canaries

Canaries were originally found on a few temperate islands in the Atlantic. They were natives of the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores. Canaries have been favorite household pets since 1610 and more than twenty-eight breeds of canaries have been developed. Due to their beautiful song, the canary is considered by many to be "the king of the songsters" and probably the most popular song bird in the world. Canaries are popular because of their singing ability, and easy feeding and care … they seem to thrive in captivity. They also make good single pets but it should be stressed that only the male "sings". Females make delightful pets, merrily chirp and some may warble; however, they do not really sing. While male canaries are the most expensive, canaries are relatively inexpensive and easily available. Care wise, the cage must be kept clean and canaries are very susceptible to drafts and sensitive to changes in their diet.

There are many species of the domesticated canaries and many colors. Most people think in terms of having a "yellow" canary but I suggest you really investigate all the different types and colors. There are many beautiful canaries available.

Canaries Prints by J. Price Wiesman

Canary, GlosterCanary, Gloster

The Gloster canary is my favorite. I have a pair which I keep in a large decorated aviary in my living room. They are wonderful, hardy birds. Do note that when having a pair, only one bird should have the unusual "Beatle" crest. They come in a variety of colors; however I like the variegated bird with the dark and light areas of plumage. The Gloster male canary has a beautiful, robust song that is truly delightful and pleasant to hear. They have a stocky build and a more fearless personality.