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The artist, J. Price Wiesman on Conure Parrots

Conure is the name given to a group of 43 species of small parrots from South and Central America. Some have compared them to the miniature macaws. Young birds make affectionate and intelligent pets and can be enchanting. On the other hand, they can be quite loud and very destructive. They can be extremely vocal when they want attention. One conure breeder highly recommends, working with a young conure to get it to talk and thus avoid a lot of their loud natural vocals. On the other hand, there is a large variety of conures and there is a great variance in temperament so I advise that you really investigate the different kinds as to their personalities and pet qualities. Some conures are relative quiet but this cannot be known in advance.

Conures also vary greatly as to color. One of the most beautifully colored conures is the Sun Conure. Overall, Conures are active, friendly birds and bond easily with their owner. Price wise, conures tend to be more reasonably priced than some of the larger parrots.

Conure Parrots Prints by J. Price Wiesman

Conure ParrotsConure, Jandaya Duo

As you can see, this print is from one of my earlier paintings. I tried to capture their active personalities as well as their beautiful color. What I like about this print is the way they seem to be watching you. For some reason, I havenít see very many of the Jandayas available for sale lately. Apparently, more breeders are breeding Sun Conures instead. Jandayas are beautifully colored, active little birds.



Conure Mitred ParrotConure, Mitred

This was my daughterís bird. He was clipped and she was walking on top of a mountain with him when he caught a gust of wind and soared down the mountain into the forest. "Keebler" was never found even though my daughter spend three days on that mountain trying to find him. It was a real tragedy as she had had him since he was just weaned. He was a fearless, wonderful little guy (I probably should not say little as a mitred is one of the largest conures). She had worked with him so he talked rather than screamed and it was really hard on all of us to lose him. Mitreds tend to be very playful and enjoy interaction with their owner. If you work with their tendency to be loud and provide lots of chewing toys, they are great birds.



Sun Conure ParrotConure, Sun

This print was made from another early painting. The coloring of a Sun Conure is truly beautiful. It is hard to believe that any bird could be so beautiful. They can make wonderful little pets as well. Just remember that it is a conure and inclined to be noisy.



Sun Conure ParrotConure, Sun II

This is a more recent painting of a Sun Conure. Felt that I really wanted to show off the coloring as well as capture the personality of such an active little bird.



Blue Crown Conure ParrotConure, Blue Crowned

This is one of the most popular conures Ö. Especially since the movie Pauley. They are a larger conure and quite beautiful. Blue Crowned Conures are very active and intelligent. Some people consider the Blue Crowned Conure to be the most intelligent of the conures. They can become very special pets as they become very affectionate and even learn to speak a few words. Beware though as they can have an overpowering voice.